How To Stop A Dog's Nail From Bleeding
(Home Remedies)

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Unlike human fingernails, dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, and guinea pigs have blood vessels that run down the center of their thick toenails. The blood vessels can also be called the quick or the nail beds.

On some occasions, no matter how careful you are, you may still end up cutting your pooch’s nail and drawing some blood, especially when your pup’s nails are black, thick, and hard to trim.
It can be unbelievable how much blood can come from such a tiny little wound! If you can’t get the bleeding under control in time, your house looks like a horrible bloody scene soon! Blood on floors, carpets, couches, beds, everywhere! Not to mention the shame you’ll feel for accidentally hurting your buddy.

cat nail cut line

Stay Calm

Even though you are worried, the first thing you should do is to keep calm. A healthy dog/cat is not likely to suffer serious danger from nail bleeding. In addition, things already happened and your nervous pets need your help now. If you are in a panic, your dogs will be more afraid. To ease him/her tension or pain, You could treat him some favorite snacks. 

Efficient Home Remedies

Now that your dog behaves relatively calmly, let’s come to the point: stop the nails from bleeding right away. Here are some easy-to-get home remedies:

  • Some Powder Stuff

You can have easy access to cornstarch, baking soda, flours, and baby powder at your home.
At first, get some powder in a container;
Next, tap the bleeding nail into the container; Or directly apply the powder to the wound with your hand/ a pre-moistened swab.
Then, hold on to the injured area with moderate pressure so the cut can thoroughly be covered with powder.
Finally, check the wound and make sure if it stops bleeding. If not, put more powder on the nails with some pressure.

  • Soap

Besides power stuff, soap can also be an alternative to stopping bleeding nails.
Firstly, grab the soap and push it against the nails so it can go into the soap.
If the soap sticks in the nail, it will act as a cork to prevent the nail from bleeding.

  • Styptic Powder/Styptic Pencil

The most effective way to stop a dog’s nail from bleeding should be styptic powder or styptic pencil.
The styptic powder can clot blood instantly and prevent possible infection. It’s a must-have first-aid product for veterinarians and professional pet groomers.
How to use:
You can take a pinch of the powder and apply it to the wound. Or give the nail a quick and simple dip in the powder.
Press the wound with moderate pressure until bleeding stops.
It usually stops bleeding within 10s to 30s.
Apply a bandage to keep out dirt If necessary

  • In Conclusion

Even though those household items( cornstarch & soap etc.) will stop nail bleeding in an emergency, the styptic powder should be a solid choice for all pooch owners who do DIY nail trimming at home.
The styptic powder can not only stop the bleeding much faster but also cut down the chance of getting a further infection. With styptic power on hand, you can calm down your pets quickly, relieve the pain and save you some vet visits.

So, why not prepare one styptic powder on standby for any minor emergency problems?

When to Take The Dog to The Vet

Most small cuts and scrapes do not require special medical attention and can be handled with the above home remedies.
However, if your dog is seriously injured and the bleeding can not stop within 20 minutes, take him/her to the vet for care right away.


After you do the basic care, try to have your dog lay down to rest, especially don’t let him/her go to any wet place.
In case your dog associates this bad experience with future nail trim, please patiently praise your buddy with positive words and reward him with his/her favorite treats.

Nail Trimming Importance

Overgrown nails can cause pain and discomfort when walking and running as they can’t distribute weight evenly, which may even lead to a severe joint problem.

Some dogs spend much time walking, running, and playing on a hard rough surface outside, they can usually wear down their nails naturally and you do not even need to trim their nails by yourself. However, most dogs are confined indoors. Thus it’s less likely to round off their nails to the appropriate length.
That’s why nail trimming should be an essential grooming session around every 2 to 3 weeks.

So you shouldn’t discourage yourself when you accidentally get your dog’s quick.
It happens to everyone, even people like vets, vet techs, and groomers who trim nails all the time.

Thankfully, a minor nail cut rarely harms life and gets a severe infection. It may take some time to regain your furry companion’s trust.

However, your pets can totally go through it with positive reinforcement, loving patience, and careful trimming skills.

Preparation for Future Toenail Trim

As discussed above, it’s a good idea to have styptic powder on hand to efficiently stop bleeding and prevent infection.
However, what matters most is to avoid cutting the nails as possible as you can.

In the whole nail trimming process, there are 3 “participants”: owners, pets, and nail trimming tools
Only all those three elements behave well can nails be trimmed smoothly and safely.

Trimming nails at home is a good chance to spend time together to build close bonds with your dog.
You should be patient to do the job. Cut little tiny pieces at a time with much patience, especially when your beloved pooch grows dark nails.

Pets: When your pets are too active, you may also nick him/her no matter how professional you are.
If possible, get your pup used to nail trimming at a young age and have him associate this activity with positive enforcement. Give necessary verbal praises and treats rewards. Never punish your dog if he/she can’t cooperate with you well.

Tools: An appropriate tool can drastically decrease the possibility to cut the quick.
Most people are accustomed to using clippers as clippers work most efficiently if you totally acquire the techniques to do the job. However, if you are not confident in using a clipper, a dog nail grinder is highly recommended.
A best dog nail grinder can gradually wear down the nails so you are less likely to cut the nails and can get rid of scratches from sharp nails. It’s less risky even though It takes much longer time to get the job done.
Of course, you could use a dog nail clipper to the slightly top tip of the nails and then gradually shorten the rest to the quick. This way, you will ideally efficiently shorten and smoothen those nails.

Accidents happen. Are you prepared?
What tools do you use the trim your dogs’ nails? Have you ever nipped your pooch by accident? How do you usually handle it?
Leave a comment to share with us.

Joseph T. Cooper
Joseph T. Cooper
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