2-Speed Quiet Dog Nail Grinder N10


Groomest dog nail grinder n10 is born to trim sound-sensitive pups’ nails:
2 adjustable speeds;
less than 50db whisper sound;
cordless and USB rechargeable;
powerful enough to trim thick and hard nails.
Groomest quiet dog nail grinder N10 is pet owners’ solid choice to file pet nails to the perfect length safe and smooth.
It stands out for several features : 
  • powerful but whisper-quiet motor design;
  • 2 optional grinding speeds;
  • USB rechargeable and cordless.
This device will make at-home nail grooming more comfortable and convenient for both pets and owners.
N10 quiet dog nail grinder features 2-speed, powerful motor, ultra-quite and cordless use, which is suitable for dogs and cats.


detachable dog nail grinder head with hard and durable diamond bits

Detachable diamond bit wheel

The grinding wheel is durable and detachable. It can last for at least one year for weekly use. And the detachable design make it convenient to clean or replace. 
Groomest N10 dog nail dremel comes with 2 speeds and 3 opening ports which suits different sized pets

Three grinding port sizes and 2 adjustable speeds

Either your pet is large or small, cat or dog, you can always find the suitable grinding port size to better fit their nails. You can also control the grinding speeds based on pets reaction.

a golden retriever and a British short-haired cat are sleeping while Groomest N10 is runnning quietly

Powerful motor but low noise low vibration.

Our quality motor is powerful enough to round off thick and hard nails quick. The quiet buzz and whisper noise will not bother your pets napping. It’s less likely to frighten anxious pets.

dog nail grinder n10 charged via power bank

USB rechargeable and environment-friendly NiMH batteries

USB rechargeable mode makes it convenient to get charged via power bank, computer or phone charger. NiMh batteries safe and green. 

Designed for









guinea pig

guinea pig


How to Use

Attention:we should never cut pets nails before they get used to nail trimming routine. 
  1. if it is the first time for you to trim your dog’s nails, you should familiarize them with the device first. Turn on the trimmer, show him the tool, have him hear the sound, feel the vibration.
  2. Turn on the grinder. Start from low speed and choose the grinding opening size which best suits your dogs’ nail.
  3. Gently squeeze its nails to better reach out to fit the opening. It’s essential to trim in a right angle which follows the natural shape of the nail, especial if your dog has black nails.
  4. Do small steps to introduce the grindqing process at a time in a positive way. Give them tasty treats as a reward and use wards ofencouragementwhen they behave well, which will have them relate nail trimming to positive stimulus.   
  5. When your dog finally get accustomised to this grooming process, you will better control the grinding speed. 

What’s In the Box?

N10 pet nail grinder package content


We offer 1-year warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee on N10 and are committed to providing our best service. 

We have warehouse in the USA which will make us send fast delivery. Shipping time is usually 3 to 7 working days. There may be slightly delay in busy season or in similar pandemic.

After using it, you will need to remove the protective cap and wipe off the dust on the grinder with a cloth. The grinder part may require to be replaced after probably a one year if you use it weekly for one dog.

Usually once a week. It’s time for a trim as soon as we see nails start to approach the end of the paw pad.
Weight 285 g
Dimensions 19.3 × 9.91 × 4.06 cm
Product Dimension


Power Supply

Built-in NiMH batteries 3.6V(600mA)

Charging Mode

USB charging

Charging Time

3 hours

Running Time

120 minutes


AC100V~240V/ 50HZ~60HZ


DC 5V/10000mA




DC 3.2V long-time motor

Grinder Type

Detachable diamond drum bit grinder

Rotation Speed

2 Speeds 7000/8000 RPM


Small, medium, large pets


1 year