Groomest Pet Nail Grinder with LED Light N20


N20 dog nail grinder with LED will be your top pick to round off your furry friends’ nails fast and safe:
Automatic LED light,
Whisper quiet to make your pets calm,
Powerful enough for hard nails
USB rechargeable and cordless,
3 grinding ports and 2 speeds available.
Are you still bothered with your pets’ sharp and long nails? Or your pets can not cooperation well when trimming with a scissor? Or you have to pay vets to do nail trimming job? Well, N20 pet nail grinder with LED light is born as a perfect solution to trim your pets’ nails at home. 

Led light can illuminate nails which makes nail trimming safe anywhere. With a powerful but quiet motor, you can even grind pets’ nail efficient when they sleep. Let’s cut and smoothen your pet’s nails at home now.
dog nail grinder features


blue dog nail grinder with light

Built-in LED light to illuminate nails clearly.

When you turn on the grinder, the LED light will light on. This way, you no longer need to worry about cutting nails too short or hurting your pets. 

ultra quiet less than 50db dog nail trimmer in blue

Whisper quiet motor and more powerful

The quality motor makes it powerful enough to grinding faster. Besides, low noise low vibration will not cause your pets to struggle or fight. 

USB rechargeable dog nail trimmer n20

Rechargeable, eco-friendly and USB charging

You can quickly get it charged with a USB cable via power bank, computer, phone charger. 3h charging will make it run for 3h. 
blue dog nail grinder with led n20for all sized pets

2 speeds and 3 grinding port sizes

No matter whether how big your pets are and how hard their nails , you can find the appropriate grinding port size and speeds.

Designed for









guinea pig

guinea pig


How to Use

Step 1: Accustom your pet to the grinder’s sound
Turn on the grinder, and have your pet smell and feel. Please don’t use it before your pets get accustomed to it.
Step 2: Grind the Nails Safer with LED Light
Turn on the grinder and choose the suitable port and speed according to your pets size and nail hardness. Low speed is recommended at first. Trim the nail in the port gently and observe your pets’ reflection. If nails are too long, cutting with a scissor before grinding will save you some time.
Step 3: Reward Your Pet
Reward your pet after finishing grinding, so your pet can associate the nail trimming with a pleasant reward. It will make your pets get used to it. 
Step 4: Clean the device
Remove the protective sleeve and gently wipe the diamond bit head with a cloth. If necessary, you can also disassemble the head to wash.

What’s In the Box?

pet nail grinder n20 package content


We offer 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee on N20 and are committed to providing our best service.

Yes. It is. It’s upgraded according to our customers’ feedback. The LED light will help you check the nail length so you won’t hurt your pets by accident.

If your pets have black nails, it will be a perfect alternative. Pet nail grinder is more user-friendly to both owners and pets. For too long nails, it saves you some time if you clip first.

Yes. There are three grinding ports for different sized pets. What’s more, It’s equipped with a powerful motor which will make it work smooth on hard nails.

It depends on how long your pet’s nails are. When your pets get used to this tool, it will be very efficient.

Weight 285 g
Dimensions 20 × 10.2 × 4.3 cm


Power Supply

NiMH batteries 3.6V(600mA)

Charging Mode

USB charging

Charging Time

3 hours

Running Time

3 hours


AC100V~240V/ 50HZ~60HZ


DC 5V/10000mA


Quality quiet motor

Grinder Type

Detachable diamond drum bit grinder

Rotation Speed

2 Speeds (7000/8000 RPM)


Small, medium, large pets


1 year