Groomest N20 with LED: Best Tool to Trim Dog Nails!



LED Light
2 Speeds
USB Rechargeable
Whisper Quiet
Powerful & Fast
Works for Large Dogs

Are You Still Bothered By...

a dog's painful paw with too long nails

Your pets suffer a lot from painful claw by long nails?

Pet groomer is clipping dog nails with a clipper

Frequently pay for expensive nail trims?

a cat is uncooperative to give his paw to the owners for clipping

Drew blood by accident with clipper and lost their trust?

A dog owner is filing a shiba's sharp nails to round

Have to file sharp edges after clipping with clipper?

dog nail grinder with LED
quiet dog nail grinder with low noise
pet nail grinder for various pets

Customers' Reviews?

N20 Dog Nail Grinder Specification

Model Groomest Dremel N20
Weight 285g
Charging Time 3h
Running Time 3h
Speed 7000/8000RPM
Sound <50db
Charging Mode USB Rechargeable
Battery Indicator Yes


The LED will light on when you turn on the grinder, which could help you avoid trimming your fur buddies’ nail too short. It helps you better control the nail length and you don’t need an head torch any more. 

Don’t worry. The sound of the grinder is less than 50db, slightly louder than the sound you talk. Most of our customers said their pets can totally accept it. However, you need take time to get your pets used to it before trimming their nails.

Yes, it will get dull. However, the grinding head is detachable. If you use it to round off your pet once a week, it should last for 1 year. It mainly depends on how frequently you use it. What’s more, we are offering one extra grinder replacement head for free at the moment. 

Of course. It works on various of pets with different sizes, such as dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster and ferret. There are 2 trimming speeds and 3 grinding ports you can choose.

It has a USB charging cable that you can plug into any USB port to charge so you can use most phone chargers, power packs, laptops, and desktop computers to charge it.

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